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Welcome to Puppetman Productions.
We specialise in live action video, animation and digital special effects. After recently winning a Royal Televsion Society Award for our work on Discovery Kids series "Gross!", we are continuing to move forward into children's programmes, both on television and in convergence technologies. This doesn't mean we are neglecting our other areas of expertise, far from it. We will be continuing our digital effects work, like our BAFTA nominated work on ITV's "Cold Feet" or the BBC's "Bible Mysteries" series. We will also be working hard on corporate video presentations and visualisations such as the ESS visualisation presented by Professor Robert Winston for Yorkshire Forward as well as the good old fashioned graphics and animation work, like the BBC's "University Challenge" and Channel 4's "The Machine". So, whether you're after a bang up to date kids series, Award winning digital effects, prime time quality corporate presentation or a jaw dropping title sequence, or even if you just want to waste a few minutes looking at pretty pictures, come on in, we've got just the thing for you.

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Puppetman Productions - Animator/Effects